Service support plan


ABPE believes in post-delivery services to the valued customers. To ensure the service ABPE employs a devoted team of experts and technicians in the close proximity of the clients for 7/24 system. Our services all over Bangladesh for various Electrical, Mechanical and Automation related System & Products at Multinational, Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous and Private Sectors are well planned and integrated. Some of our service fields are listed below-

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Diesel, Petrol and also gas generators. Also supply silent canopy ATS, fuel tank etc.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Sub-station, LT/HT Switchgear, PFI Plant, MDB, SDB and General Electrical items etc.

  • Installation, Service, Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance all types of lift & escalators. ABPE also provides all kinds of spare parts (European/Asian/ABPE Brand) for all types of lift & escalators.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Fire Fighting System-Fire Detection & Alarm System, Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System, Auto Gas Suppression System.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance BTS Alarm System, CCTV, I Camera System, PA System, Time Controlled & Attendance Management System, Air-Con Timer, Voltage & Temperature Monitoring System (VTMS), etc.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning /HVAC System, Precision A/C, Split & Window A/C, Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS) etc.


”  Above All we are always at your Service