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We lift customer satisfaction by innovative Technology!

Dear Valuable Customer,

Now-a-days with the rapid increase of economic capabilities and industrialization our societies are being affected in many ways, and the most remarkable thinks is enlargement, high-rise, high tech and high quality of buildings driven by rapid progress of urbanization. Such remarkable buildings have the meaning of symbolic for developing of our society, and they make increase demand and functions of elevator, generator, solar panel etc. which are the key parts of today’s building to be considered as global standard structure.

Now, we, ABPE co., have set up one-stop-system to take care nof ordering, installation and after-sales service and immediate response to any kinds of demand from customers. So with this system we provide most suitable products such as up-to-date passenger elevator, car lift, hospital elevator, generator, and solar system based on the customers’ demand.

ABPE co., are focusing on elevator supply based on advanced and high technologies with mutual confidence. And we, all of ABPE staffs promise to take care of customers’ elevators with more safe and better performance at all time.

Yours faithfully,

Mizanur Rahman
Autobots Power & Engineering co.,

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